About Us


Welcome to Richard Mann Elementary! 


We serve students in Pre-K through 5th grade. We strive to provide our young learners with opportunities to challenge themselves in the classroom through a personalized learning approach. Classrooms are outfitted with both group and individualized settings for students to maximize their potential. Additionally, all of our students in grades K-5 are provided a Chromebook for learning to help them navigate the digital world. Students are taught the importance of digital citizenship and responsibility at an early age to help prepare them for their future.


While we strive for excellence in the classroom, we also believe in supporting all aspects of the individual and participate in Positive Behavioral Initiatives and Supports (PBIS) through practicing PROUD behaviors. The following illustrates what each letter represents:


P= Practice Self-Control

R= Respect

O= Outstanding

U= Unity

D= Driven


We are Gananda PROUD to be at Richard Mann Elementary!


Katy Lumb - Principal

Melissa Reeves - Assistant Principal/District MTSS Coordinator

Melissa Phelps - Director of Special Education

Michele Verstraete - Secretary to Principal