About Us


We are Gananda PROUD!

As a PROUD school community, we believe in:

  • Creating an inclusive environment that honors, enhances, values, and is strengthened by personal differences
  • Creating a culture that promotes mental health and social-emotional wellbeing
  • Proactive, instructive, and restorative approaches to supporting student behavior
  • Increasing engagement and improving learning outcomes through instruction and supports based on individual student needs, skills, and interests

As a PROUD school community, we pledge to:

  • Practice self-control by being calm and safe
  • Show Respect to ourselves and others
  • Be Outstanding and set a good example
  • Show Unity by helping create a school that includes others
  • Be Driven to work hard and have a positive mindset


Katy Lumb - Principal

TBD - Assistant Principal/District MTSS Coordinator

Melissa Phelps - Director of Special Education

Michele Verstraete - Secretary to Principal