"Just Make A Mark And See Where It Takes You"

Mrs. Sanchez, Richard Mann Elementary's art teacher, knows that inspiration can come from anywhere. This year she decided she wanted to do something different, so she started the year off with a project inspired by a children's book entitled, The Dot, by Peter Reynolds. At the beginning of the year she had all of her students in first through fifth grade create a monochromatic (one color) dot in the color day of their art class. For instance, students that had art on a red day would create a red dot, students who have art on a green day create a green dot, etc.
In the book, a little girl in art class doesn't think she can draw. Her art teacher tells her to "just make a mark and see where it takes you." And that is just what all of our Richard Mann Elementary first, second, third, fourth, and fifth grade students did.  The result was a fantastic rainbow of color, made up of individualized dots representing all of our students in first through fifth grade. 
Not only did Mrs. Sanchez find inspiration from others' work, but she also inspired many other teachers throughout the state.  When she shared her photos on twitter, they went viral.  Many educators began commenting back about how beautiful the project was and how they too were going to try this with their students.