Gananda Central School District Advocates for Schools in Gun Law Considerations

June 2, 2022

Dear Gananda Families and Community,

As you know, the safety of our school community is our top priority.  With recent events in our own district regarding the safety of our students and staff, we are paying close attention to the new proposed laws regarding gun safety in New York State.

Today, we reached out to our state senators and representatives to push for further action to increase the safety of our schools. The proposed changes are a step in the right direction, however, we feel there are more steps that can be taken to strengthen school responses. We have requested the following to be considered:

  1. Allow a TERPO (Temporary Extreme Risk Protective Order) to be issued for a school or district. As the law is currently set up, the TERPO cannot be issued for a threat against an entity; only the threat against an individual.
  2. Allow a TERPO to remove all firearms from a household. Currently a TERPO does not prevent other members of the household from having firearms in the home. This means that the parent or other individual over the age of 18  in the household may still have a firearm in the household. 

We feel these two things need to be addressed in the new proposed legislation in order to give schools even more protection. While the NYS assembly session ends today, our fight is not over. We want to keep you informed so that you can continue these conversations with our representatives throughout the summer festival season and upcoming fall. 

Thank you for your continued support.


Shawn Van Scoy, Ed.D.

Superintendent, Gananda Central Schools