Important Information for the 2019-2020 School Year

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! We are excited to have the students back and look forward to many great things ahead. We just wanted to share a few bits of information to help start the year off on the right foot.

1. On each of our individual school webpages, you will now find a link under the "Parents" heading entitled, Information Hub. This page will have all of the necessary documents to keep you organized throughout the year. Information includes items such as Color/Letter Day Schedules, Parent/Student Handbooks, Instructional Calendars, and more. Links to each Information Hub page can be found below:

2. We realize as parents there will be situations that arise where you may not know the best person to contact. Gananda Central School District has developed a Communication Road Map guide to address your questions and concerns quickly and effectively. The communication guide starts with the staff member closest to a situation, as that person usually has the most information, and moves up the chain from there. We recognize that at times additional personnel are required to resolve specific situations, but we encourage you to start with Step 1 to get your questions resolved in the most timely manner. Any and all questions from parents and residents regarding school matters are welcomed! Please note: this document is also located on each school's "Information Hub" page on the website.

3. Technology has become an important aspect in our lives and Gananda Central School District is no exception. Many of our resources for parents are also digital but we realize it can be confusing with so many different platforms. To help you navigate our digital world, we have created a Digital Cheat Sheet.

4. In keeping with our digital platforms, we are now allowing parents to report absences through a digital form on our school websites. If you need to report your student will be absent from school, go to the school's website and go under the "Parents" heading and click on the Report Student Absence link. Links to each Student Absence page are also included below:

5. Additionally, the Transportation Request Form is now also available in a digital format. If your home address changes, your pick-up or drop-off location changes or is different than your home address, you can fill out this form for our transportation office. This form is also located on the transportation page of our website.

We hope this will help set everyone up for a successful school year!