Meet Your School Counselor

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About Mr. James

I joined the Gananda Family after receiving my Masters in School Counseling from Roberts Wesleyan College in 2018.  A native to the United Kingdom I moved to America in 2009 shortly after earning a BSc Psychology Bachelor's Degree from Cardiff Metropolitan University [formally University of Wales Institute Cardiff (UWIC)].  I have previously worked in the hospitality, leisure and sports industries.

5 Fun Facts

  1. Favorite Food: Chicken Curry  
  2. Best Subject at School:  Greek / Norse Mythology 
  3. Favorite Dinosaur: Triceratops 
  4. Fantasy Pet: Ocelot  
  5. Favorite Smell: Fresh Damp Grass in the Morning  

How to contact me

Office Phone: (315) 986-3521 ext. 4340

What is a School Counselor? 

New York State (NYS) School counselors are certified/licensed educators who define, deliver, manage and assess success for ALL students by implementing a comprehensive school counseling program across 3 key national domains; Academic, Careers & Social Emotional Development.


What are some things I do at the school as a Counselor?

  • Teach / oversee the implementation of the Second Step SEL Curriculum K-5 (tier 1) 
  • Teach / support the implementation of the Monique Burr - Erin's Law Curriculum K-5 (tier 1)
  • Teach / implement the NYS College and Career standards inc the Xello program K-5 (tier 1)  

  • Provide short term and entry-level counseling for students during key times, in crisis, as a response to trauma and transitions. 
  • Provide Sand Tray therapy - A hands on, kinesthetic, supplement/ alternative to talk therapy
  • Provide Mediation and restorative services

What are some of my 'other hats'?

  • I am the DASA coordinator for Richard Mann Elementary 
  • I am a leader for the Tier 1 / PBIS team including the Student Ambassador body
  • I coach the boys varsity soccer program